Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Muppets & Recreation

My two favourite things currently are the amazing Muppets (which is a long standing love), and the just as amazing Parks & Recreation. I can't remember seeing a comedy so solid since Arrested Development. Amy Poehler is awesome. I was wondering what Parks & Recreation would look like if it was all muppets all the time, and this is what I came up with. Check out more of my work at my new tumblr:

The Cast f. Guest Star Chris Trager (played by Rob Lowe)

Leslie the Knope and Anne the Perkins:
Leslie is the organizer and keeps everyone's spirits up, 
even when all hope seems lost. 

Ron SwanSam:
because AMERICA.

Tom Gonzoford & Jean-Cluckio:
Tom and Jean-Cluckio are always hatching some sort of
scheme, attempting to get rich with their good natured (but
often misguided) entrepreneurial spirit. 

Miss Donna:
Diva, sass. Don't mess with her.

Andymal & April LudJane:
Andymal plays in a band and always means well. April rocks 
and loves Andymal very much. She's also his manager and the
best assistant Ron SwanSam ever had. 

Jerry the Bear:
Corny - everyone laughs at him instead of with him. 
Ugh, Jerry.

Scooter Wyatt:
The intelligent, nerdy auditor and the object of Leslie
the Knope's affections. He likes Game of Thrones & Batman. A lot.

I love this show.


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HAHAHa Just recently discovered this show very much agree with you!

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